Helping Your Child Prepare for Tests

Does Your Middle Schooler Prepare Well for Tests?
Parent Quiz

Studying isn't the only way to prepare for tests.  Here's a quiz to see if your child is preparing properly.

Give yourself five points for something you do often, zero points for something you never do, or any score in between.

____1.   I provide a healthy breakfast before school.
____2.   I make sure my child gets enough rest before exams. 
____3.   I encourage my child to have an "I can do" attitude. 
____4.   I suggest that my child  wear comfortable clothes on test days. 
____5.   I review test taking tips with my child, such as "Answer the easiest questions first."

How did you score?

Above 20 points means you're helping your child do his/her best on tests.  Fifteen to 19 is average.  Below 15 means your child needs more support before tests.