The 7th Grader

The Seventh Grader
Is your twelve-year-old on track? Below are some general development milestones to help you understand your child's progress over the school year. Keep in mind that every child is different and may not fit perfectly into this framework.

Where They Are

The average twelve-year-old is entering the stage in-between childish and mature behavior. He/She:

  • Is spirited and enthusiastic.
  • Can "stay put" longer and exercise self-control.
  • Develops a growing sense of intuition and insight into self and others.
  • Becomes less moody and may become good-natured around adults.
  • Becomes increasingly self-reliant and self-centered.
  • Is curious but not ready for long term planning.
  • Has strong desire to be like peers.

Where They're Going

School isn't just academics. At this age your child is learning how to be independent as he undergoes many changes. You can help by encouraging him as he/she:

  • Learns to cope with changes.
  • Makes the transition to adolescence.
  • Works on interpersonal skills.
  • Adjusts to peer groups and pressure.
  • Develops his/her personal interests and abilities.
  • Gains a greater sense of responsibility for behavior and decisions.