Tortorelli, Nancy

Welcome to Ms. Tortorelli's Classroom!
Grade 7  Subject:  Life Science
Supply List For 2019-2020
Materials include: ipad, science notebook, science pocket folder, a pen, and a pencil, stylus. 

Contact Information
Email Address:
Phone number:732-752-4457732-752-4457 ext. 5229
Best time to reach me is through email however voice mail picks up 24/7.  I check it at least once a week.  If I miss your call, I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Classroom Quick Links

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In order to ensure a positive educational environment.  I will expect my students to follow directions in class and lab at all times.  I will expect my students to bring all materials to class, come to class on time, complete and hand in all assignments, and practice lab safety.

If and when special projects are given they will be graded at my discretion.  Students will be notified of their value accordingly.