Classroom Expectations and Procedures


  • Student/Teacher/Parent Contract
  • General Rules for Social Studies Class
  • Social Studies Notebook and Folder Instructions

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Dear Students: 

Welcome!  I am proud and excited to be your social studies teacher.  We will have a wonderful year and learn many exciting and interesting things in the world of social studies.  The purpose of this booklet is to inform you of the rules and expectations of our class. 

Please read the information on the following pages very carefully.  After you have read the booklet, show it to your parent(s) or guardian(s).  Once you and your parents/guardians have gone over the booklet, sign this top sheet and return only this sheet to me tomorrow.  Keep the rest of the booklet with you throughout the school year, so you can refer to it if you have any questions.

You come to social studies class to learn and to prepare yourself for future schooling and life.  I want all of you to succeed and do well, but the choice is yours.  If you need additional help I am always available, but it is your responsibility to ask for it.  All work and assignments required of you are to be done to the best of your ability.  It is also your responsibility to study for major tests and quizzes, as well as, pop quizzes.  Work missed due to illness or other circumstances is to be made up.  Remember, coming to school and being totally prepared is your job.

I wish you a successful year in all your subjects.  I know that we will have a great year in social studies class.

Your social studies teacher:  M. Perry

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General rules for social studies class

**Being respectful to one another is extremely important in social studies class.  While you are in this classroom you are part of a family whose members are working together toward the common goal of learning.  Thus, you should only speak when you are called upon and always listen to and respect the comments of others.  There will be many class discussions and I expect you to be able to participate in a mature fashion.  (REMEMBER:  This also includes being able to work cooperatively with your classmates). 


**There will always be a “Do Now” written on the board when you first enter the classroom.  When the bell has rung, you should be in your seats quietly working on that specific task.  Also, homework assignments are always written on the front board and posted on Schoology.  I recommend that you write your homework assignment in your notebook at the beginning of class!


**Come prepared to class!  This means you are to bring your notebook, writing utensil, and attentive mind.


**If you need to make up work, it is your responsibility to ask me or a friend what you have missed.  If the missed assignment is not shown to me in a reasonable amount of time, then I will assume that it was not done. 


**It is your responsibility to copy any missed notes from a friend (or ask me).    


**Most importantly, enjoy learning social studies.  It is your ticket to good citizenship and responsibilities in the future.  



School wide regulations and expectations apply in this classroom too!

Social Studies Notebook and Folder Instructions


**You will need a spiral notebook (three ringed binder is acceptable). 

 **You will also need a folder to hold worksheets and returned tests/quizzes.

 **I reserve the right to grade your notebook each marking period.  Your grade will be based upon neatness and completeness.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to earn a good grade.  Keeping a well organized and complete notebook will assist you in doing well on tests and quizzes.