Partyka, Ruth


 Grade 6/Language Arts Literacy, Room 16
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Phone: 732.752.4457, ext.5255
Students will find homework posted every single day to the Schoology calendar.
Greetings from Mrs. Partyka!  I am the dove of peace, the shield of reliability, the book of knowledge and inquiry, and the tide of reflection and growth. In fact, the sixth grade team provides just the environment necessary for our students to choose, discard and pick the right tools for their journey. Come join us! The new year of 6th graders always brings energy and ideas, which drives us all towards learning, discovery, and achievement. Through speaking, listening, reading and writing, we will engage in the major areas of study: narrative, argument, and non-fiction information. We are an involved team that enjoys a satisfying language arts workout, lifting minds and spirits!
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