Edwards, Melissa

Welcome to Speech at T. Schor Middle School! My name is Mrs. Edwards, MS CCC-SLP and I am one of the speech therapists at Schor Middle School. I have my Master's degree in Speech Pathology from Columbia University, Teachers College. I also belong to the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA).  Communication is a critical skill that is an underlying necessity for learning.  In speech, we practice improving these skills to better communicate our thoughts and ideas, to speak more clearly, and to understand and listen as best we can to the information presented in the classroom. 

"High thoughts must have high language."- Aristophanes 

"If I can think it...I can say it"
"If I can say it....I can write it"
"If I can write it...I can read it: -

Please feel free to contact me anytime on the phone ext 5291 or via email: medwards@pway.org. I look forward to working with you child this school year!