Theodore Schor Middle School Physical Education/Health Policies


Physical education and health are offered as one course. Students will participate in a unit of health for two weeks, followed by physical education for four weeks.  This two week health, four week PE will continue for the entire school year. The grade on Genesis will reflect both work in health and in physical education. 


It is extremely important and mandatory that students’ change from the clothes that they wore to school, into clothes used specifically for physical education.  We recommend that they wear a t-shirt with their name written on the back.  No tank tops or sleeveless shirts are permitted and shirts are to cover entire torso.  Shorts (no denim) or sweatpants are to be worn, although cheer pants are accepted as well. Shorts must be fingertip in length and pulled up to the waist.

Sneakers need to be worn and laces tied.

Students are expected to change daily, and will lose up to 5 points if they do not.  If a student does not change, they are still expected to participate.


            A.  Arrive to class on time

            B.  No running, horse play or play fighting permitted

            C.  Everyone is required to use his/her own assigned locker.  Sharing lockers is

      not recommended and no one should share his/her combination.

D.  Respect everyone’s personal property

E.  Always keep lockers closed with all valuables locked inside.  Each student is

      issued a lock at the beginning of the school year, unless he/she has previously

      lost an assigned lock and not paid to replace it. Students may bring in their

      own lock if they choose to do so.

F.   Dress in assigned locker area.  Please do not change in bathroom stalls.

G.  No cell phones, ipods, hand held games or other electronics are tolerated.

      They will be confiscated and handed into the office as stated on page 3 of the

      student handbook.

H.  Picture taking is strictly prohibited in locker room.



All students report directly to the gym at which time attendance is taken.  Any student late to class without a proper pass, will be marked late.  Three times late to class without a pass results in a detention either in the morning or during lunch.  It is extremely important that each student get to and remain on their assigned spots while attendance is being taken. Students will use the locker room time to change and use the bathroom if necessary.  All clothes and valuables should be locked in the locker.  Large lockers are available during class time only to fit books, clothes and valuables. After approximately 5 minutes, all students must exit the locker room, and begin walking laps around the gym.  During the first 15 minutes of class students will be engaged in dynamic warm-ups, stretches and toning exercises.  All students are expected to participate to the best of their ability whether they are changed or not.  Lack of participation in any of the activities, will result in a loss of points from the grade.



Any student, who because of illness or accident is unable to participate in class, must bring a note from a parent, guardian, nurse or physician stating the reason.  Each student is allowed 3 parental excuses per marking period.  Each parental note will only excuse a child for up to 3 consecutive days.  A doctor’s note will excuse a student for the length of time stated by the doctor.  Please ask the physician to include explanation of excuse.  If a length of time is not stated, a note from the doctor to resume physical activity must follow.


All physical education and health classes contain large numbers of students.  We expect our students to adhere to the above stated guidelines.  The well-being and safety of your child is a priority for us.  Therefore, bullying of any kind, pushing, tripping or any type of fighting is considered a serious offense and will result in disciplinary action.

            Morning Detention: This is given to a student for various reasons as a way of dealing with recurring, unacceptable, behavior.  The child is expected to arrive at morning detention at 7:30 a.m. and will be released to homeroom.  Mrs. Picciano, Mrs. Reid or Mr. Hilgert will notify you if your child has or is getting close to receiving morning detention.


Students start out with 100 each marking period.  The grade is broken down into four categories: Preparation, Participation, Projects and Fitness.

Preparation: 30% of grade. Any time a child does not change into the appropriate gym attire up to 5 points will be deducted from that portion of the grade. Partial credit will be given to partial dress.

A folder and something to write with is expected in health. If your child does not have the necessary supplies points will be deducted from the grade.

Participation: 30% of grade.  A student’s participation in health and physical education is graded each time that he/she has class.  This grade is based on effort, behavior, and the student’s ability to follow directions.

Fitnessgram: 20% of grade. Fitnessgram is a comprehensive health-related fitness assessment that emphasizes personal fitness. It is comprised of a battery of items that are scored using criterion-referenced standards that are age and gender specific. Each Thursday, students will be tested on the mile, or PACER. Each Friday, the students will be tested on either curl-ups or push-ups. Any student who chooses not to participate in these activities will have points deducted from this category.

Health:  20 % of grade. Each unit in health will include packets or worksheets that summarize the unit.  The student will have two weeks to complete the worksheet or packet distributed by their teacher. Any incomplete work or work not handed in will result in points deducted from the Health portion of the grade.

Mrs. Picciano, Mrs. Reid and Mr. Hilgert are always available via email - -, , . We also communicate any issues through email, if it is available. We will also try to reach a parent/guardian through phone calls or regular mail.  We can be reached by phone at ext. 5258 for Mr. Hilgert, 5265 for Mrs. Picciano and 5289 for Mrs. Reid

We look forward to having a year of fun and fitness with your child.  This class can and should be enjoyable for everyone if the above guidelines are followed.