T. Schor Orchestra Handbook

T. Schor Middle School

 Orchestra Handbook





Orchestra class is part of the student’s schedule.  Prompt arrival and preparation is a requirement. Students that arrive late to class three times without a pass may serve a lunch detention.  Attendance at the Winter and Spring concerts is Mandatory. You will receive a grade for attending the concerts.  Please scroll to the bottom for concert dates.

Concert Attire

Winter and Spring Concert – Boys must wear black pants, a nice black shirt, and black shoes and socks.  Girls must wear black pants/skirt and a nice black top with black shoes.

Black 1-inch Binder

Students are responsible to get a black 1-inch binder.  This black binder will be utilized to organize orchestra music.  I will provide clear sheet protectors to hold the music in the binder.


Curriculum and Repertoire

Students will be exposed to music from different time periods and cultures.  By the time students complete 8th grade, students will have a thorough understanding and can demonstrate skills in understanding multiple key signatures, complex rhythm, sight reading, and   dictation.  Students will be well prepared to participate in the Piscataway High School orchestra program.



Orchestra is a graded class.  Students will be graded and assessed in the following ways:

  • Attendance – Students must attend all in class rehearsals and small lesson groups.  Students must be on time and prepared for class with instruments and music.
  • Participation – Students must participate in class by playing on their instruments. This means students must have instruments and music ready during orchestra period on A Days.
  • Technology Usage-  All devices that includes the Ipad or cell phone will need to be put away under your chairs while we are rehearsing. Unless we are using the Ipad for specific activities, all devices MUST be under the chair during class.
  • Playing quizzes – Students will need to perform multiple playing quizzes each marking period.  They will be graded base on performances of the music they have learned.
  • Written quizzes – Students will have written quizzes base on material they learned on music knowledge, theory and terminology throughout the school year. This may sometimes be administered through Schoology.
  • Practice over the weekend – Students are expected to take their instruments home over the weekend to practice. Adequate practice will help students achieve high marks in their playing quizzes.


Small Group Lesson Attendance

Students will receive small group lessons on a rotating lesson schedule in addition to regular orchestra classes.  Students will acquire a great deal of technical and musical skills during these small group lessons that will help to prepare them to participate in high school orchestra. Small group lessons are mandatory and is graded based on attendance.


At Home Practice

Practicing at home is essential for success in Orchestra.  Students are expected to practice their orchestra music and the assigned lesson material at home, a minimum of 3-5 days a week for at least 20 minutes a day.  This will ensure student progress and success in orchestra class. Adequate practice will help students achieve high marks in their playing quizzes.


Feel free to contact me at any time.  The best way to reach me is by e-mail. 


Grace Lee

732-752-4457 x5286                                                 

Orchestra Teacher