Campbell, Corrie

8th Grade Science -- Room 3

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Email Address: CCampbell
Phone number:  (732) 752-4457 x-5237

Preferred method of contact is email - I check often throughout the day and can reply promptly. If speaking is preferable call me at the above extension and leave a message. I will call you back as soon as possible. 

This year in 8th Grade Science we will learn and cover multiple topics of earth science.

Specifically:  History of Earth, Earth's Interior, Earth's Surface, Weather & Climate, Space Systems and Human Impact.  All students are strongly urged to maintain a 3-ring binder to assist in organization and studying.

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Looking forward to a great year of science with you!
Classroom Announcements : Bring binders on first and every day of class.

Homework will be posted on Schoolology.